The much-awaited Voice over LTE (VoLTE) technology that is set to revolutionise how we make and receive calls is coming soon for Verizon subscribers. They’ve announced the rollout of their HD voice and video calling capability – called Advanced Calling 1.0 – in the next few weeks, a little behind competitors AT&T and T-Mobile but ahead of other US carriers.

The application of VoLTE technology for calls signifies the predicted eventual shift from CDMA voice calls. However, both phones involved in the call need to be on Verizon’s LTE network for it to work. You’ll know if video calling is applicable when you go to your contact on your phone and you see a video camera next to their name. So all you have to do is just tap that video button and you’ll be able to make a video call with your contact.

You can also easily switch to voice call, which will be in HD voice, and if you feel like switching to a video call again, then you just tap the camera again. Obviously, using HD calling will bring higher resolution to both audio and video. But not all devices right now will be able to use this technology. Both the caller and receiver need to have compatible devices, aside from the network connection requirement.

Verizon says it will release a list of compatible devices, as well as those that will be able to receive a software update to make it VoLTE capable so you’ll be able to use Advanced Calling 1.0. But even if your phone can call using this new technology, if the person you’re calling doesn’t have that capability or you’re calling a landline or another smartphone from a different carrier, then they will still be using CDMA voice calls.

SOURCE: Verizon

VIA: SlashGear


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