The years of 3G are almost behind us as many carriers are stepping into the 4G market as their new frontier. Verizon has been a focus of the 4G wars with its upcoming LTE 4G network which was revealed today to be going live Sunday, December 5th.

Although currently there is no devices that will utilize the network, we will see them at CES this year – as promised. However, it’s a good start for them to have a solid 4G network available when the devices launch. The initial batch of 4G markets will include 38 cities and 60 airports.

The only way to access Verizon’s 4G network, until a phone is launched, will be through one of its USB modems. We will be getting ours here soon and will let you know on our first impressions as well as speed tests of the much anticipated network.

You can check out a coverage map, along with additional details of the network, over at Verizon’s LTE 4G promotional page.

[Via Verizon]



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