Verizon went ahead and registered the name “Hologram” for a future potential device, but what will it shape up to be? Given the futuristic name, it could represent a device with some new technologies we haven’t seen yet – or simply another stereoscopic phone with dual cameras. I don’t know about you, but when I think of hologram, I visualize the streamed holographic recordings R2D2 presented in Star Wars.

If it were another smartphone sporting a 3D camera, it wouldn’t surprising in the least. It seems every other major carrier has theirs, so why shouldn’t Verizon have one too? I am not much of a fan for the stereoscopic experience, but I know some people that are. It is important for a major carrier like Verizon to have something that appeals to just about everyone, and having a 3D capable multimedia experience could be just want a person is looking for when signing up for that 2-year contract.

But how cool would it be to possibly project media from your highly portable smartphone to a crowd of people inside or out. It would certainly be worth jumping carriers for! We will wait for that day to finally get here, but hopefully it will be sooner than later.

[via Talk Android]