Verizon Wireless has taken top honors in a recent American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) survey dealing with wireless service. This survey took a look at the big four carriers, which includes Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T. In addition to overall customer satisfaction in terms of the carriers, the survey took a look at items such as the manufacturers behind the devices.

Looking first at the carrier scores, it appears as if Verizon Wireless not only took top honors, but did so with a 4 percent jump. That 4 percent jump brought Big Red up to a score of 73. Sprint remained flat as compared to a previous survey, which had them sitting at 71. AT&T moved up 1 percent to end with a score of 70 and T-Mobile marked the only of the four to drop. T-Mobile went down 1 percent to end with a score of 68.

Other details coming from the survey show that “just over half” of all phones purchases were smartphones and that customers most often complained about battery life. Wireless customers also offered carrier praise for the in-store staff due to “courtesy and helpfulness.” The main complaint dealt with call quality, but that seems to have been offset with praise for the ease of text messaging.

The ACSI report also touched on how customer satisfaction was often lower when dealing with lack of choice and difficulties in terms of switching from carrier to carrier. In fact, the ability to easily switch carriers was an issue that was discussed.

“Barriers to switching, including contracts with cancellation fees, make the wireless industry less competitive,” says VanAmburg.

Otherwise, this 2013 report has arrived with a 2.9 percent gain for the ACSI benchmark score of 72. Shifting away from the carrier specifics and into the device specifics and we find Apple leading with a score of 81. Of course, that 81 comes as a 2 percent loss as compared to earlier reports. Samsung on the other hand jumped 7 percent. The Samsung score was 76 and was said to be helped by the success of the Galaxy S III launch. Remaining manufacturer mentions show Motorola at 77, Nokia at 76, HTC at 72, LG at 71 and BlackBerry with a 69.

SOURCE: Business Wire