While a good deal is a good deal and not to be passed up this seems more like a gap between a real data plan and those feature phone plans. Today Verizon Wireless is launching a new back to school data plan for only $20 with 300mb of data connectivity when bundled with a new voice plan. The odd part is this is not widespread and only available starting in select Verizon regions, this may be a test run to start things off.

Starting tomorrow, the promotion will be available to subscribers in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, and North Carolina from August 18th through September 30th. From the looks of things this applies to all available phones from the 4G enabled Android devices to even one of those i things some people opt to use instead.

While the regions that do or don’t qualify seem a little odd a lower priced data plan to bridge the gap from more expensive plans is a welcome change. This would be a great plan for younger students or first time smartphone buyers that are just getting into an Android device. Many light users stay under 300mb a month but I’d make sure I followed my usage so I didn’t get any fee’s.

For all current Android phones available on Verizon make sure to check out of device database at device.ac or to make things easier here is the Verizon Portal.

[via Phandroid]