Those still sporting an LG Revolution with Verizon Wireless have an update on the way. This may not be the most exciting of updates, however it does bring one item that we suspect most users will be happy to see. Not to mention, it also removes some of the bloatware that was originally pre-installed. With that in mind, lets get into what Revolution users can expect to see.

The details show this update as brining “multiple” Android security patches. Sure, there are more exciting updates to be had, however we have a hard time arguing against a security minded update. Otherwise, this update also fixes the GPS so moving forward it should now be able to work with the VZW Family locator app.

Further details show this as updating the Google Maps Services and also fixing a bug that caused some file sizes to show as double on the network. Shifting over to the removal of the bloatware and we have the following apps being uninstalled; Mobile IM, Rockband, Bitbop, Verizon Apps, Blockbuster, Rhapsody, VCAST Music and Verizon Video.

The update is on the smaller size and measures in at 46.8MB in size. Those with a Revolution can sit back and wait for the notification to arrive and follow the prompts or seek it out by navigating to Menu -> Settings -> About phone -> System updates -> Check new to try and get the process started. Lastly, once the update has been completed your handset will be sitting with software version VS910ZVB.

[via Verizon Wireless]

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