Verizon Wireless has detailed and begun pushing the latest software update for the Samsung Stratosphere. Those with a Stratosphere can expect an update that brings a handful of what Verizon describes as “device enhancements.” This is one that will have Stratosphere users sticking with their current version of Android, but hopefully with a few less issues than before.

According to details coming from Big Red, the Stratosphere update measures in at 25.7MB in size and is available over-the-air. Those with a Stratosphere can sit back and wait for the update notification to arrive on their handset, or take the pro-active approach and try seeking it out. Those choosing the latter route can navigate to Menu -> Settings -> About phone – System updates to try and get the process started.

In terms of the update, the Verizon Wireless changelog notes the following; Improved clarity during calls, improved reliability when sending emails using Outlook, improvements to the Sync and Connect server and improvements to the Set Up Wizard. The wizard update clarifies what is required in the Google Setup screen. This update also brings some unspecified improvements to the My Verizon app.

Additional items include a correction to the IMAP implementation related to the E-mail Sync and connect operation as well as updates to the Single Sign On and VZtones apps. This update also removes a handful of previously pre-loaded apps to include IM, Blockbuster, Verizon Video and Verizon Vcast. All said and done, once updated your Stratosphere will be sitting with software version i405.GC1.

[via Verizon Wireless]

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