Verizon Wireless recently offered some details in terms of where their 4G LTE stands. For example, they noted that the network now covers 473 markets which means it is available for a potential 273.5 million people. They also mentioned that the 4G LTE network is now available for “close to 89 percent” of the US footprint.

In other words, more than a fair amount of Verizon Wireless subscribers have access to 4G LTE. And as we have seen, the carrier has been adding more and more 4G LTE devices to the lineup. Based on these bits one may begin to suspect that a fair amount of the data traffic was going over 4G LTE at this point in time.

For those thinking that, it seems you are correct. In fact, Verizon Wireless recently confirmed to Fierce Wireless that “almost 50 percent of its data load now travels over its LTE network.” That is a number that has increased from 35 percent back in October 2012. Other details include how 23 percent of Verizon Wireless subscribers were using LTE phones at the end of the fourth quarter. For those looking for the trend, that number is up from 16 percent at the end of the third quarter.

As to where this is going, obviously more 4G LTE data traffic for Verizon Wireless. It seems safe to think that number will soon climb above the 50 percent mark. That bit aside though, Verizon Wireless also said that they expect all data traffic to increase by seven during the next three years.

[via Fierce Wireless]


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