Today Verizon Wireless has unveiled their new Verizon Video App and it’s available now in the Android Market. Don’t get too excited though because all they’ve done is renamed V Cast Video to Verizon Video and gave it a pretty user interface update. Although there is good news here, the amount of content has also been substantially updated.

What this offers is on-demand streaming of video and TV from “RealNetworks” and some of those include: NBC, CBS, ABC, MTV, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, CNBC, Disney Channel, ESPN, and even the NFL Network (just in time for NFL season). While the service isn’t new the amount of content has been improved and should make the service closer to being worth your dollar.

As usual the service is $10 dollars a month and will be added to the users bill. Verizon does also offer a 24 hour $3 dollar option for those that don’t use the service regularly but would like the option for the odd vacation or while traveling and what not. Verizon Video is only available on select smartphones and having 4G LTE would help out with streaming if you have it. Head to the market by clicking here for the app.