Verizon has now just updated the Samsung Fascinate Software. Unlike the Droid X’s update that we got word will be coming tomorrow and updating to 2.2, this update is only minor bugs that have been with the device since launch. However, word is that Android 2.2 will be coming to the Fascinate in October…

According to the Samsung Mobile España’s Facebook page the entire Galaxy S line may be updated to 2.2 in “late October.” Now this may only relate to the devices in Spain but with a little wishful thinking we will be seeing our Galaxy S devices with 2.2 in the coming month.

It’s worth noting that this 2.2 update set to release in October will be for the carrier unlocked version of the device. The carrier specific version’s (Vibrant, Captivate, Epic, Fascinate) update will come even later. More information to come in the following weeks, we will be sure to pass it along.

[Via Engadget]