Bad news for those who were subscribed to the Smart Rewards points program of Verizon. As of today, this program is no more. But don’t worry, they already have a new one up and running and it’s called Verizon Up. Unlike before where you got points for doing some tasks like paying your bill on time, this one is a more automatic system and even has different kinds of rewards that you can claim. All you have to do is to have a Verizon standard monthly plan and be in good standing, and have the Verizon app installed on your smartphone to sign up.

You get one point for every $300 that you pay towards your Verizon account, whether it’s a bill payment or purchase of anything on their online store, or whatever else reason you may have to give them money. And you can already claim a reward even if it’s just one point. There are several rewards available like those from Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Uber, etc. They did not give specifics as to how many points you would need and what one point entails you, but you’ll know soon enough.

Rewards are also divided into three categories. First is the Earned Rewards and that is what we’ve already said in the previous paragraph. The Unexpected Rewards are random things that they will give to random subscribers and they will not be deducted from your redeem credits since they’re gifts. The Super Tickets category will allow customers to use their credits for concerts and sporting events. Select customers will also get “Dream Tickets” to “once in a lifetime” opportunities, but no details were given as to what these events are.

Only time will tell if Verizon Up is better than the previous Smart Rewards program. Verizon subscribers, are you excited for this?

VIA: SlashGear