Now that July 7th has come and gone, Verizon is no longer selling unlimited data plans to smartphone owners, but luckily those of you who already had unlimited data were allowed to keep it. The even better news is that even if your unlimited data plan was a 3G one, upgrading to 4G would not cause you to lose that plan (for now). Verizon has no wanswered a tweet to clarify 4G tethering for those same customers.

Verizon had been offering 4G hotspot tethering for its LTE phones for free up until it the same day it swapped over to tiered data plans. Those who already had 4G plans at that time had to sign up fot an unlimited tethering plan for $30 a month. Customers with 3G plans were left wondering what would happen to them.

It looks like even if it is putting the shackles of capped data on new customers, Big Red is being nice to its current smartphone customers. If you upgrade from your current unlimited 3G smartphone to a 4G phone and decide you want to pay for a tethering plan, Verizon will give you the same unlimited tethering plan it made available to those who had unlimited 4G before July 7th.

This means if you want unlimited tethering you’ll be paying $59.99 a month. I’m not such a huge fan of the fact that carriers try and charge for tethering, but in the case of unlimited 4G (which could potentially replace home internet) it sounds more fair. On the other hand unlimited tetherers may be quite a hit on what has been a blazing LTE network.