We all know that Verizon is planning to aggressively enter the 4G market with extensive market rollout over 2011, however, we just didn’t know how aggressive they would be – until now. By the end of 2011 they are planning to be launched in at least 140 markets and expect to cover 2/3 of the US by the end of 2013.

That’s a very extensive rollout, their end goal is to offer up 4G service everywhere that 3G is currently available as it’s expected to replace 3G as the standard in the coming years.

Here is the list of initial cities that will be boasting Verizon 4G in 2011:

Huntsville, Alabama
Mobile, Alabama
Montgomery, Alabama
Little Rock, Arkansas
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gainesville, Florida
Lakeland-Winter Haven, Florida
Pensacola, Florida
Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida
Augusta, Georgia
Honolulu, Hawaii
Kahului-Wailuku, Hawaii
Lahaina, Hawaii
Boise-Nampa, Idaho
Carbondale-Marion, Illinois
Wichita, Kansas
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Hammond, Louisiana
Detroit, Michigan
Flint, Michigan
Fayetteville-Lumberton, North Carolina
Greensboro-Winston-Salem-High Point, North Carolina
Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Wilmington, North Carolina
Dayton-Springfield, Ohio
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Erie, Pennsylvania
State College, Pennsylvania
Charleston, South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina
Greenville-Spartanburg, South Carolina
Hilton Head, South Carolina
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Clarksville, Tennessee
Cleveland, Tennessee
Kingsport, Tennessee; Johnson City, Tennessee; Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee
Knoxville, Tennessee
Memphis, Tennessee
Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas
Bryan-College Station, Texas
Provo-Orem, Utah
Salt Lake City-Ogden, Utah
Centralia, Washington
Olympia, Washington
Charleston, West Virginia
Madison, Wisconsin
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

That’s a total of 49 initial pushes into the 4G market for 2011, combine that with their already active 4G network and we see Verizon keeping its spot as the nations top carrier. Hello, DROID BIONIC and HTC ThunderBolt speeds!

[Via Droid-Life]


  1. Huh. Not really impressed. Seattle is not on there but Olympia and centralia are. Both of which are small cities. T-Mobile’s 4g is already here. It has blanketed a big part of the state and has been up in Seattle for almost 1 year. Avg speed is 3-5mbit and no extra charge for using 4g…with all smartphones supporting the network up to 7.2mbit. Based on that I find Verizon’s plans very unimpressive.

  2. @kirf: Tmobile sucks here in Ft. Walton Beach Florida. To further prove this fact, I’ll say they don’t have 3G running in my location. They blame the USAF, so I’m done. Started my Verizon service today, I can no longer justify paying the same amount as everyone else and get half the speed. Unacceptable. I’ll pay the same amount with VZW, who has better Android devices, and expected to have 4G service by the 2 qtr.


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