Verizon, following suit of many other mobile service providers, plan on releasing tiered data plans within the next 4-6 months. Not many other details have been said regarding pricing and the tiers offered but, Ivan Seidenberg the CEO of Verizon, took a quick shot at AT&T and how they handle tiered data.

He went on the claim that Verizon doesn’t necessarily “agree” with how AT&T values their data. This can mean a lot of things, most likely Verizon offering more data for the same amount as AT&T or maybe a cheaper structure all around offering much more data.

It is expected to be announced and launched about the same time as their LTE 4G network is launched. He also went as far to talk about the iPhone on the carrier, apparently they need to “earn it.” So, is a fully featured fast 4G network with competitive data plans “earning it” we may soon find out.

[Via WSJ]