This may or may not be any way related to the Droid 2 launching on August 12th. We haven’t quite decided. There are a couple of ways to look at this, and it’s a strong possibility that the simplest (and most unexciting way) is the logical one, but then again, we love to dig up as many rumors as we can, so why not head down the track with this little bit of news as well?

The picture you’re looking at is an email that some Droid owners out there are getting. That’s the Droid X and the original Droid, as you can clearly see. Now, that August 12th date is pretty notorious right now, as it’s billed as the official release date of the Droid 2. Let’s go ahead and dig into the rumor part. If the August 12th date is real, and we have no reason to think it isn’t (right, Verizon?), then that means if you do partake in this little training deal, and you happen to have an original Droid, you may be asked about an early upgrade to the Droid 2.

Unfortunately, there may be just enough of a difference between the original Droid, and the Droid 2, that setting up training for the original model, just to get someone into the new one may not make a lot of sense. Yes, we all know that at the base, it’s just Android and Android, but with the Motoblur User Interface implementation, the skin-deep differences may be enough to make someone pass on the deal, especially if they’re coming in to get trained on their original model.

As for the other option, this could mean that the wireless carrier is going to have a training day for customers on their Droid devices, so they can become better acquainted with them. This wouldn’t be the first time Verizon has done such a thing, even if the past events were for all phones in general, and not a specific brand. What this could also mean, is that the Droid 2 isn’t launching on the 12th of August. And, well, that’s a possibility (even if we don’t think it is). So, who’s going to go in for training, and upgrade from the Droid to the Droid 2?

[thanks, Thomas!]