Much of the talk about Verizon and new smartphones tends to center on the long running rumor that the carrier is set to get its own version of the iPhone. Many people are hoping that when CES kicks of next week that Verizon will be showing off a new iPhone for its network. Reports are now coming in that an iPhone at CES for Verizon will not happen.

According to these reports, Verizon will instead focus on its very popular Android smartphones at the show. Verizon has stated that it will be offering a peek at its 4G LTE Android devices at the show during its news conference.

Android fans will be much more excited to see LTE Android devices than any iPhone from Verizon. The CES conference from Verizon with the new LTE devices being shown will be webcast for anyone to watch on January 6.

Via Informaiton Week


  1. Why would 1 totally exclude the other???

    Many new Verizon Android phones.
    A new Verizon iPhone.
    A new Verizon+AT&T in one iPhone

  2. I love Android. It’s the feeling that i can’t explain:) This green robot definitely has a soul:) I don’t like hate-and-dictate style, therefore I choose and will choose Android.^^

  3. I think it’s smart for Verizon to back the better horse. The iPhone is old news and besides, Android is growing at an alarming rate. Android devices and software are improved on (almost) a daily basis. For apple, you have to wait until the next release of hardware and the software updates usually don’t fix problems or make them worse.

  4. The apple trademark emblem totally shows what apple is. Garbage! An apple with a bite taken out of which belongs in the trashcan XD


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