Now that a recent FCC ruling allows carriers to automatically block high-spam calls, Verizon has announced that eligible Android users will now be automatically protected through their Call Filter feature. This measure will hopefully remove the annoyance of all those robocalls that are plaguing mobile users to the point that bills have been filed to stop it. Those that are enrolled by default will enjoy spam-detection and blocking high-risk calls. You can also just download the feature Call Filter app for free and enrol yourself.

Once Verizon has automatically enrolled you on the Call Filter app, you won’t be able to receive calls from numbers that have been reported as fraudulent. Instead, the call will go directly to voice mail where you have the option to just delete them if they left a message for you. If the call is from a number that has been marked as spam or nuisance, the label will state “Potential Spam” instead of the business name. You also have the option to block these kinds of calls.

Of course, nothing changes if you receive a call from a contact as it assumes all numbers and names saved in your list are people or businesses you actually want to talk to. You will also be able to block incoming international spam calls since a lot of these robocalls actually come from outside the U.S. You can block them either in the free app or whin Call Filter Plus.

Verizon’s auto-enrolment program for the Call Filter app will be available already on selected Android devices. But if you don’t want to wait for it, you can already enroll yourself through the Call Filter app or going to MyVerizon. The spam filter settings are also customizable so you can choose to block all or only certain spam calls, not block any of them opt out of the service altogether at any time.

Verizon Business users will also be able to enroll themselves in the service by downloading the Call Filter app. Customers can also upgrade to Call Filter Plus for $2.99 per month and you get additional features like caller name and personalized spam lists.


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