Do you want more form your carrier? Sure you do. T-Mobile has done a great job at giving more while stripping away the unnecessary bits, and it seems Verizon is following suit — in their own way. The nation’s largest carrier is apparently set to introduce new plans that offer their customer base a whole lot more at no additional cost.

Big Red is offering up to double the data on certain plans, and even a discount in EDGE pricing. There is also the chance to get in on Verizon’s cloud storage free of charge. It’s a widespread change for Verizon, which has historically concentrated on charging for each add-on to your plan.

With data plans, some have just plain doubled. A 500MB plan at $40/month will get you 1GB now. The 1GB plan at $50/month? Same thing — a jump to 2GB. The 2GB plan for $60/month only 3GB now, while the rest of the plans look to be staying put.

The leaked image, which you can see below, also points out that Bandwidth will double for “cities coast to coast”. The Edge plan also gets tweaked, where per-line discounts are applied depending on the data you’re consuming. Perhaps the best part here is that current participants won’t have to re-enroll, the discounts are happening naturally.

Does it bring back unlimited data? No, but it’s a step in a good direction. It’s also a nice touch considering Verizon will lead the charge into VoLTE, effectively cutting into your data with calls made. Double the bandwidth is nice too, but the document doesn’t specify where the upticks in transmission will occur. It does provide a needed update to the current plan scheme from Verizon, though.

Verizon plans

VIA: Droid Life