We all know Verizon’s 4G LTE network is the biggest and fast, and apparently they know it too. They’ve been pretty busy making it the biggest and fastest wireless network around and just announced more cities being added next month. Early November we should see 17 new cities receiving 4G LTE bringing their coverage up to well past 178 cities across the country making them by far, the biggest 4G carrier around.

Verizon has released a few awesome commercials lately like the free fallers jumping out of an airplane powered with 4G LTE but today we have even more to show you below. Just added to the Verizon Wireless YouTube channel we now have 5 pretty comical commercials from Big Red. They are short and sweet and actually quite funny, I think I like the Boy Scouts commercial the best so I’ll start with that.

then this is my next favorite




So what does everyone think about them, are these enough to help you make the switch? Pretty interesting commercials that is for sure. We all know Verizon 4G LTE is fast, at least all of us in the technology world do right? It appears these very simple and easy to understand commercials are quick and to the point — stating “instant results” so that the rest of the world knows they’re the fastest too. Go Verizon!

[via Android Police]



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