Google Wallet has been around for more than a year, but following its little bit of success and all of the drama with Verizon and other carriers has been rather interesting. With many of Verizon and AT&T’s NFC equipped phones still not using the service it appears that the FCC is looking into things. Verizon has released a statement on the matter and it isn’t looking good for Google.

Google Wallet was initially available for Verizon customers to download, but they’ve since removed access to it on their network. Something I’m sure many Verizon users are aware of. Today however a filing to the FCC caught Verizon’s attention on the issue and they had something to say about it. The letter below is a direct result of the FCC taking a look into the “situation.” What it all comes down to is Verizon doesn’t want to take part, and is blaming Google for the lack of this feature.

Google Wallet uses a “secure element” inside the NFC chip and most NFC capable phones, something that Paypal, Starbucks, Square, and other mobile payment apps don’t use. However this is for security reasons and for Google Wallet to store a unique Google ID to better protect your valuable information such as credit cards and more. Verizon blames this secure element completely, even though we’re hearing Google’s since removed that “requirement” to try and get around Verizon — to no avail. Here’s the letter in full:

The folks from Droid-Life stumbled upon this thanks to a few users over at XDA Developers, and you can see that discussion right here. Verizon clearly states Google Wallet can be used on their devices once Google passes their “special process” but they don’t mention what that might be. Obviously there’s some conflicting matters here, not to mention Verizon is looking to launch their own option in partnership with ISIS Mobile payments. So while this news doesn’t clear up much, we do know that we probably won’t be seeing Google Wallet on Verizon anytime soon. At least not officially.