Verizon has been pretty busy lately working on their 4G LTE spectrum. They’ve been doing a little of both, selling and buying up available spectrum as long as the FCC approves of the deal. Today Verizon has confirmed they’ve sold more 700 MHz 4G spectrum to Clear Talk and will be awaiting approval by the FCC.

In an effort to better serve their customers, Verizon’s been doing all sorts of spectrum swaps as of late. Back in August they bought up tons of 4G LTE spectrum to help their nationwide rollout, which also saw some of their lower spectrum sold to T-Mobile in the process. Now it looks like a few more rural small providers will be benefiting from Verizon once again.

Clear Talk has agreed to purchase plenty of Verizon’s lower B-Block 700 MHz spectrum and the deal will be finalized as soon as the FCC approves the sale. The deal with Clear Talk includes licenses covering five markets in Texas as well as markets in Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico. The 10 markets have a population of 2.1 million, so that’s good news. They’ve also been licensing out their faster 4G LTE C-block to as many as three different providers to offer a jumpstart for regional 4G LTE operators.

This is a large effort by Verizon to consolidate their network holdings while continuing to expect 3G and 4G LTE to rural parts of America. This also helps them rationalize what they currently have to reach a wider base and more customers in their most popular and growing markets across the US. Verizon has sold over 36 lower spectrum since 2011 and this marks some good news for Clear Talk and their subscribers.

[via Talk Android]