Who loves choices? The folks from Verizon have apparently been working hard with Samsung to offer a variety of choices regarding one of their most popular smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S III initially launched only in White and Blue color options, but now those on Big Red have two additional choices. What will you decide?

We’re hearing the Galaxy S III from Verizon is now available online in four color options. You’ll be able to choose Marble White, Pebble Blue, or the new Amber Brown, and Black options. Personally I wasn’t too excited to see Brown, but looking at the device it almost has a nice Amber wood grain finish — and we quite like it.

Sadly, for those wanting the larger 32GB storage option on the Galaxy S III, we are hearing the new colors are only available in the cheaper 16GB version. This shouldn’t be a big cause for concern as you’ll be spending less, and can easily pickup a 32 or 64GB micro SD card for expanding your storage needs.

The price of both new color options is the same as before, coming in at $199 and a new 2-year contract as usual. We’ve learned Best Buy will be offering the Galaxy S III this weekend only for just $99, but these colors probably won’t be included — but it’s worth looking into. Personally my favorite Samsung option so far is the new Titanium Grey on the Galaxy Note II. Check out more details in the timeline below.

Update: Best Buy will also be offering these colors. They’ll even one-up Verizon and are offering the 32GB Amber Brown for the same $199 price as Verizon’s 16GB. Get it here!

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[via Verizon]