Hmm. We are still waiting for any sort of official announcement from Verizon that this phone is actually launching this week, but at least they are dropping us a few small hints. Verizon has just released a “simulator” page that allows users to basically experience the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from within a browser. Yes this is neat — but I’d really just like the phone please.

With Big Red’s moment to make an announcement slowly disappearing this week we have been getting tips and reports that the device is still set to launch tomorrow, December 15th. We’ve also had a few tips suggesting Friday instead but obviously nothing is confirmed. We could see a silent launch with device being available at stores and retailers at the expected times but I can’t imagine them not going forward with any advertising — although it doesn’t have the word DROID in the title.

While we continue to tap our feet and patiently wait for Verizon to officially announce something users can be relieved to know that Verizon is at least getting ready. With this site going live and retail stores nationwide receiving shipments all week long the day is coming — we just sadly still don’t fully know when that day will be. Hopefully we’ll be running down to our nearest Verizon store tomorrow morning to pick one up. Either way we’ll know soon.

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[via Verizon]