Dubbed Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) by Verizon Wireless, the company has released a video describing how it simplifies a user’s work experience, and prepares them for a more secure future. It’s tough to tell if we’re seeing anything new through this clip, as most of this could be put together prior to it. It seems they’ve only termed wireless unity ‘UCC’.

Cloud based computing and storage, video conferencing, email, and chat have been simultaneously available on countless platforms prior to Verizon’s UCC. Other carriers and companies may have not coined a name for it, but they offer similar, if not the same, services as UCC. The main strength Verizon has going for them is their 4G LTE.


With their LTE network, everything gets done faster and more efficiently. That’s why customers flock there, and that’s why they’re satisfied. Sure, it’s nice to know a single company can offer everything you need to successfully run a business, but if you do a little more research – you’ll find out other carriers are just as capable.

[via YouTube]