Carriers casually use the term “unlimited” to draw in customers but we have become wiser to their gimmicks, understanding that they don’t mean it literally, hence the use of the quotation marks. Verizon already has two existing kinds of unlimited plans, the Go Unlimited and the Beyond Unlimited. Now in order to give their subscribers more options or probably to confuse them even more, we get Above Unlimited. This time around, it’s targeting those who use more data as well as those who travel abroad often but don’t want to pay an arm for roaming.

So what do you get if you shift or if you sign up for Above Unlimited. For one thing, you have until 75GB before Verizon starts soft capping your data speed. Your mobile hotspot allowance is also bumped up to 20GB. You also get the usual talk, text, and data if you’re traveling from the US to Mexico and Canada. If you need cloud storage space, the 500 GB you’re given here is pretty good already. Plus, you become part of the Verizon Up Rewards program.

But you will probably consider this plan if you often travel abroad and you need internet connection. You will get give TravelPass sessions per month which includes one day use of voice, text, and data which counts as part of your home allowance instead of the usual roaming rates. Usually this is $10 per day with the 130 eligible countries now (excluding Mexico and Canada of course, which you get with the plan already). However, when it comes to the data, only the first 512MB is at the normal speed and beyond that, you’ll be throttled to 2G.

The Above Unlimited line will cost you $95/month on a single line but the more lines you get, the cheaper it becomes. Two lines are at $90/month per line, three lines are at $70, while four or more lines get you $60/month per line. You can also add a Hum X connected car system or a tablet or a jetpack mobile hotspot for an additional $20 per month or a connected smartwatch for $10 per month. The good news

So what’s the difference of this one with the two other unlimited plans? For one, it’s more expensive and of course you get a higher data allocation before they start slowing down your connection. The Go Unlimited costs only $75/month and you are almost immediately subjected to throttling and your videos are compressed to only 480p. The Beyond Unlimited is slightly better at $85/month and gets you up to 22GB before you’re slowed down and 15GB of mobile hotspot. The good news is that you can mix and match all three Unlimited plans if you’re getting a family plan. Above Unlimited will be available starting June 18.

VIA: SlashGear