Like we’ve reported on multiple times over the past year Verizon is at it again this month pushing even more networks to 4G LTE across the country. They’ve been updating networks and markets to 4G LTE faster than AT&T by a long shot, and are now starting to release details on multiple more upgrades coming this month.

According to the official news feed direct from Verizon they are getting ready to expand their nationwide 4G LTE coverage to multiple cities and states across the US in June. Today alone they’ve issued 7 new press releases stating 4G LTE is headed to parts of Florida, Oregon, Idaho, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and more.

Then over the past few days Verizon has announced their 4G LTE networks will be arriving in more cities throughout Massachusetts, Missouri, Georgia and come areas of South Carolina. The actual list of cities is too large to list because they have so many areas seeing updates over the next month, but for those interested if Verizon 4G LTE will be arriving in your area hit the link below for the full press release details and all locations. Verizon is rolling along quite nicely these days.

[via Verizon]