In their usual fashion Verizon has posted their Q2 2012 earning report this morning. Just as expected, the numbers were all rather positive for Big Red with things continuing to climb. For the most part we focus on Android and wireless numbers, but did notice Android had outsold the iPhone this quarter too. More details below.

For one, their wireless service revenue grew around 7.4% to $15.8 million year-over-year, and their retail services grew 8.6% compared to Q2 2011 as well. Not to mention they’ve added 1.2 million retail customers while confirming that smartphone adoption and usage is now past the 50% of all subscribers. Pretty impressive numbers for the wireless company, that’s for sure.

In Q2 Verizon sold roughly 2.9 million Android smartphones, and about 2.7 iPhones. Between all the new devices sold and customers added their retail customer count alone is exceeding 94 million. I sure wish they were all paying me monthly payments. Then Verizon took the moment to talk about two key factors in their wireless network. That is 4G LTE and their new Share Everything data plans. This week we announced that Verizon has now rolled out LTE to over 337 markets in the US — and they confirmed that today. Stating over 230 million people in the U.S are blanketed with their 4G LTE services. Verizon even stated that their Share Everything plans were going better than expected, when asked about adoption during the Q and A session.

[via Verizon]