Verizon Galaxy Note 4-Gear VR update

So you’ve got your Samsung Gear VR and your Galaxy Note 4 ready to give virtual reality a try? Well, you’ve got to update your Note 4 first before you can enjoy the VR headset. More so if the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is from Verizon.

This isn’t surprising but the bigger news is that Verizon already has the necessary software update. Okay, so maybe Verizon has changed it’s a welcome surprise. If you’ve got your Verizon Galaxy Note 4, you need to download the software update first. It brings a few changes to the Gear VR compatibility, Galaxy Essential widget, and the ISIS wallet name now changed to Softcard.

After the Galaxy Note 4 is updated, you’ll notice a new transparent Amazon Widget, new legibility for screen and font colors non-active items, Spanish support for Mobile Hotspot, email notification bugs fixed, and better WiFi performance. If you’re observant enough, you will notice the Google Drive and Office viewer compatibility problem also fixed. Fingerprint scanning is also better. Thank you Verizon.

A software update before getting to enjoy the Gear VR and experiencing virtual reality is such a small thing. Do it before you turn on the Gear VR because carrier variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 won’t work without the software update.

To finally get the update, go to Settings > System > System Updates and see if it’s already available. It should be there now. Enjoy!

VIA: SlashGear


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