Verizon’s Buy One, Get One deal is back. Well, the BOGO promo has always been there but we’re delighted to share with you what new deals the Big Red has to offer. The mobile carrier has been busy has just announced a number of good news including the Verizon Go Unlimited Plan getting Canada and Mexico usage and update for the LG V20 ringing the spyware app AppFlash. Before 2017 ended, it rolled out a software update for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ after launching a new 4G LTE Extender model.

Before we see the barrage of new smartphones to be announced at the Mobile World Congress, allow us to share with you the best deals available today in the United States courtesy of Verizon. Starting with the LG G6, this smartphone is available only with a 50% discount or $14 per month instead of $28. You can get it for a full price of $672 but half of the amount ($336) will be credited to your account over a period of two years. Here is a list of the Buy One Get One offers you can avail:

• Google Pixel 2 64GB. Free with trade and Unlimited plan – $35.42/month, $849.99
• Google Pixel 2. Free with trade and Unlimited plan – $27.08/mo, $649.99
• LG V30. $35/mo, $840.00
• Motorola Moto Z2 Force Edition. $31.50/mo, $756.00
• Samsung Galaxy S8+. Free with trade and Unlimited plan – $35.00/mo, $840.00
• Samsung Galaxy S8. Free with trade and Unlimited plan – $31.50/mo, $756.00

Related Deals:

• ASUS ZenFone V Live. $7/mo, $168.00
• LG G6. $14/mo with $672 device payment
• LG K20 V. $0/mo, $168 device payment purchase and new line of service required
• Motorola Moto Z2 Play. $10/month with a $408 device and new line of service
• Samsung Galaxy J7 V. $10/month for 24 months, $240
• Samsung Galaxy Note 8. $40/mo, $960.00

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SOURCE: Verizon