So you finally have the 4G LTE device that you’ve been dreaming of. But then your connectivity leaves a lot to be desired so the LTE part of your smartphone is practically useless. Verizon is offering device owners a great deal to make the most out of their phones’ 4G LTE connection with their ALLSET PLANS, offering unlimited talk, text and at least 500 MB of data per month.

Starting at $45/month, the plan offers all these plus fast connectivity that they promise will make owning a 4G LTE smartphone doubly worth it. If you think however that 500MB of data per month is too low for your Internet needs, you add $5 for additional 500MB of data. If that’s still not enough, they’re offering BRIDGE DATA where you can add usage allowance when you think you’ll exceed your current one. Some of the options available are additional 1GB for $10 and 3GB for $20, both expiring in 90 days.

Another offering from Verizon would be useful for those traveling to the US’ North American neighbours. If you’re going there anytime soon, you can let family or friends living in the area know that you’ll be there. The ALLSET PLANS’ unlimited texting lets you send test messages to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico without incurring additional charges.

Those already with 4G LTE devices can avail of the ALLSET PLAN and would just need to activate their contract. Those who want to avail of the plan plus a handset can choose from several handsets including the HTC One, Moto X, Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Samsung Galaxy S5. They are also offering for a limited time the LG Lucid 3 ($149.99) and LG G2 ($299.99) together with the plan, both in the online and retail stores.

SOURCE: Verizon