Verizon has just kicked off a new promotion for their subscribers offering what they are calling the “Smartphone App Pack”. It sounds like a pretty decent deal at first but now that I’ve taken a closer look I’m not too impressed. For those that don’t want to use the free options like Google Maps Navigator, and Google Voice for voicemail Verizon is offering their own services together with NFL Premium for one low price.

According to the folks at Droid-Life the app pack isn’t the best deal for most but those that actually need the services the bundle is pretty decent. Verizon’s own VZ Navigator and Visual Voicemail alone are usually $12.99 a month but the new map pack includes both of those services as well as NFL Premium access to the NFL Mobile app, Ringtones, and Verizon video all for the same price.

This basically means you can get navigation, visual voicemail, and NFL Red Zone video streaming and more all for one low price. Verizon is currently offering NFL Mobile to all customers but it doesn’t include the premium features — those are regularly $9.99 a month. If you’ve recently bought a 4G LTE smartphone NFL Mobile Premium was included free of charge making this not really a deal at all for LTE customers. Basically if you don’t want to use the free services from Google and feel like giving Big Red more money, give it a try.

Sound like a deal to you guys?