Those of us who were born before this already-normal smartphone boom probably never had the problem of begging our parents to give us cellphones. But during these times, kids as young as four are already pressuring their moms and dads for screen time and already are asking for phones either to watch videos, play games, or just to feel connected to the world at hand. Now Verizon is offering you a plan called Just Kids that’s specially made for them if you’re considering getting them a phone for their birthday.

Verizon says that this is actually the first smartphone plan that’s designed for kids and is a way for families to call a “technology truce” and still have much-needed parental controls over how they use devices. The plan is bundled with the Verizon Smart Family Premium which normally would cost $9.99 per month. Basically, parents will have control over how much time they spend online and put up filters so they can monitor what they are consuming online as well.

The plan has 5GB of 4G LTE data but once they max that out, they will still be connected but will be in “safety mode”. This means they will have reduced speeds and videos will just be at 480p. They also get unlimited text and calls but only to 20 parent-defined contacts. Are these controls good enough for your kids? Verizon still suggests you have a Family Online Safety Agreement with them before giving them any gadget or plan.

Parents can only have a Just Kids plan if one line on the account is on the Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, or Above Unlimited plan. If you will only have two lines on your account, then you pay $55 for Just Kids. If you have 3 lines it’s $45, and if there are four then you pay only $35. You can actually manage your accounts and change them anytime you want through the My Verizon app.

Do you think having a smartphone plan like this is necessary to maintain that “technology truce” or can you hold out until your child is old enough to get their own plans or at least work for it?

SOURCE: Verizon