Unlimited data now seems to be a thing of the past for a lot of carriers and internet providers, probably due to the fact that their consumers were taking full advantage of it, as expected of course, but some more than usual. Verizon is one of those that chose to just focus on their tiered monthly plans, but now they seem to have changed their mind. Well, sort of. They are now offering a pay-as-you-go unlimited data option, for 30-minute blocks only.

If you happen to need a huge amount of data for just a short time, then this new product called PopData may be something you’ll be interested in. For just $2 for 30 minutes or $3 for 60 minutes, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited 4G LTE data on your mobile device. Not only can you use it for downloading something huge or streaming an important live event or watching a movie or episode on your video on demand provider, you can also use it to avoid per-gigabyte overage fees when you’re already over your monthly usage.

However, it has certain limitations, as expected. You cannot use it for tethering or mobile hotspots, so if you plan to share it with other users, you can’t. When there is network congestion, you of course will not be able to enroll it in the PopData program. Once you’ve bought either blocks, you’ll see a timer which will tell you how much longer you have left with your unlimited data.

So if you feel like you’re running out of data or you need a huge chunk of data for just a short time, head on over to your My Verizon app feed, and choose PopData from among the options. If a session isn’t available at that moment, you’ll see that it will be grayed out. If you will need another session, you’ll have an option to buy another one, provided that a session is available.

SOURCE: Verizon
VIA: SlashGear