The competition for Prepaid subscribers among the big US carriers has been heating up for some time now, as they have realized that this has been a long-neglected but still very lucrative segment. Verizon has now rolled out some changes that they’re making to their Prepaid users. This includes discounts for those who enroll in AutoPay, additional lines and devices for a single account, plus price cuts and new pricing for the different tiers, all in the hopes of attracting new prepaid subscribers.

Previously, you could only have up to five lines in a single account. But now, Verizon has increased it up to ten lines and you can now even include tablets and Jetpacks (standalone mobile hotspots) and they will be considered the same as adding a smartphone. This will encourage families to probably just add more lines for each member instead of opening up a new account.

There are also pricing changes afoot for Verizon Prepaid customers. If you enroll in AutoPay, you’ll get a $5 discount, but only if you’ve subscribed to plans that are $40 and above. The Verizon Prepaid Unlimited plan is getting a $5 discount as well and so if you’ve enrolled in AutoPay, you’ll still get that $5 cut and just pay $65 per month. You still get your regular unlimited text and call, unlimited texting to 200 international destinations, and mobile hotspot use.

The 7GB Prepaid plan is now bumped up to 8GB but you still pay just $50 a month. The entry-level plan which gives you just 500MB data is still at $35 per month. But if you add $5 more, you will get a significant boost of 3GB worth of data. If you go beyond that, you’ll have to settle for 2G speeds for the rest of the time until your next billing cycle.

Verizon is hoping to get a leg up on the competition, at least with the Prepaid segment, with these new offers. Let’s see if it boosts their subscriber base significantly.

VIA: SlashGear


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