Verizon is following in the footsteps of AT&T and has announced that tethering on hacked smartphones will not be tolerated anymore. Verizon is out to stop the people that are tethering their smartphones using unofficial apps like MyWi from consuming more data than Verizon thinks is fair. The carrier wants the illegal tethering users to fork over more loot for official tethering support.

The good news if you are one of the Verizon users enjoying unofficial tethering is that Verizon is much cheaper than AT&T. Whereas AT&T is forcing users that illegally tethered to pay $45 monthly Verizon users can get official tethering for $20 monthly. When the user tries to use the unofficial tethering app on their smartphone, they will be redirected to another webpage.

The page the users will land on is a Verizon site that offers the $20 tethering plan. I don’t think this is any surprise, once one major wireless carrier tries something others generally follow. What do you think, will this make you pay for tethering or will you just continue to use unofficial apps?

[via Forbes]