Motorola is back with the futuristic commercial for the Xoom. This time it’s the full featured video. Grab it, & it Grabs You. We first posted the teaser video for this commercial a few days ago. You can watch that here Motorola Commercial Preview. This is the rest of the video. Released today along with the Motorola Xoom also being released today at Best Buy all over the country.

I’ll make this short and sweet so you can get right to viewing this awesome and upbeat futuristic commercial for the Motorola Xoom. This video shows the Xoom live in action. Browsing through music, panning the Gallery for pictures and more. Get your Motorola Xoom fix here. For now this is only in Spanish. I’m not sure why Verizon posted it in Spanish but we’ll take it. As soon as we find the English version we will update the post.
[via YouTube]