So there’s multiple new smartphones on the way from the folks at Motorola. We’re now nearly halfway through 2013 with nothing from the manufacturer when all others have pushed out new products, so hopefully they have something exciting. The Motorola X-Phone has been talked about a lot, then leaked as the XFON, and now we’re seeing it clear the FCC for Verizon.

We’ve seen 3 similar devices clear the FCC lately, so at the moment it appears they’ll also be taking the one-for-all flagship approach as Samsung, and recently HTC’s One smartphone. Today’s last of many to clear the FCC is model XT1060, and we’ve seen XT1058, XT1056 and a few other various numbers as of late too.

For now we really have no clue what’s going over there at Motorola. Google’s now in charge, but they’ve stated there is 18 months of back product before we see their influence on the company. So what is coming? So far our best guess is the Motorola XFON will arrive on all four major US carriers, mostly the same device, and possibly a slightly better model will hit Verizon with their usual DROID branding. We know Motorola’s been loyal to Verizon, so it’s only a matter of time until we see what is next.


We’ve heard so many rumors at this point we don’t really know what to think. Talk of a 4.7-inch 720p display, a 5-inch 1080p HD display, older Snapdragon quad-core chips and more. What we do know, is that Motorola has multiple very similar devices they’re prepping for all carriers. Latest rumored date is mid June with availability in early July. Hopefully we learn more soon.

SOURCE: Blog of Mobile

VIA: Droid-Life