Motorola recently unveiled the long-rumored Moto G, however the Moto X has had quite a bit going on lately. The handset dropped in price across the US carriers and perhaps just as exciting of news for those who had been hoping for a Moto Maker customized model — that also came available across all four major US carriers. That of course, includes Verizon Wireless.

To that point, it looks like Big Red has done something that allows them to stand out from the other three carriers — dropped the price yet again. The Moto Maker handsets remain with a regular price of $99.99 (on a two-year agreement), however for a limited time, those choosing to customize a Verizon capable Moto X can grab it for half-that. Effective now and running through November 18th, that price has been cut by $50.


This offer doesn’t require any special coupon code. The price will be automatically adjusted during the checkout process. Also, to clarify, this applies to both the 16GB and 32GB model. That means price points of $49.99 or $99.99 respectively. Of course, those price points do include a two-year commitment. Having gone through the checkout process to verify the pricing, we found this also includes a Motorola Skip at no additional cost.

Otherwise, while Motorola or Verizon have yet to offer specifics, a soak test recently began for the Moto X. There has been some speculation and hope this means Android 4.4 Kit Kat will be coming, but we do have to remember that in the past, Motorola has used these soak tests for small and large updates so it could be anything. Still, that hope comes from the fact that Motorola recently mentioned Kit Kat was coming to all Moto X users in a “matter of weeks.”