Details of a soak test for the Verizon Moto X surfaced last week. At the time there was little in terms of specifics, however speculation and hope brought thoughts of Kit Kat. That of course, came as a result of comments we heard during the Moto G announcement where it was said the Moto X would have Kit Kat in a matter of weeks.

Well, flash forward from last week to the present day and it looks like this is the Kit Kat update. Neither Motorola or Verizon has offered any announcement, however the changelog has leaked and the first item listed is Android 4.4 Kit Kat. The details came by way of an anonymous tipster and were shared by the folks at Android Police. Aside from Kit Kat, the remaining items on the changelog include the following;

  • Phone dialer
  • Camera – Focus and exposure
  • Gallery – Photo editing
  • Hangouts – SMS/MMS support
  • Touchless Control – Find my phone
  • NFC – Host card emulation
  • Accessory support

Nexus 5 users are likely familiar with some of these items. But that aside, the Hangouts update was expected and in fact, is arriving by way of the Play Store for other users as well. Basically, that is not a feature/update specific to Android 4.4. The accessory support is the Square card reader and the NFC bit touches on Host Card Emulation (HCE) which is said to “improve experiences such as contactless payments, loyalty plans, transit passes, card access and more.”

The Find My Phone portion means users will be able to find their lost phone by using the ‘Ok Google Now’ command. This obviously will only work if your lost phone happens to be close by, but it will save you from having to call (or have someone else call) your phone in an attempt at finding it buried in the couch. Otherwise, the Gallery portion means the addition of new filters, advanced crops, color adjustments, the ability draw on your images and more.

Anyway, all that having been said, there isn’t any good timeline as to when this soak test period will wrap and the update will rollout for all users. In the past Verizon soak tests have run for at least a few weeks. These basically try to make sure any and all potential issues are found and fixed before the update hits the masses. Still, it does give hope that Verizon Moto X users may have Kit Kat before the end of the year.