Here’s more information on the “other” Motorola device coming out soon, called by some rumors by the code name “Shamu”. This device is also apparently a candidate for Google’s prestigious Nexus program – the next device on line as the Nexus 6.

On this evidence, we can see that Motorola is sticking to the Moto X design of dual front-face speakers, if you look at the gaps on the screen protector. Unlike the more rumored new iteration of the Moto X, the new Moto S, or Shamu, has lacked anything in the type of coverage and leaks that its more prestigious cousin has had.


If this is in fact Google’s Nexus 6, that lack of attention is very much unlikely. We’ve heard word that a Motorola-made Nexus device might have to wait until Lenovo completes its move to acquire Motorola. But the specs that were leaked seem formidable and equal to flagship type devices.

Google’s anticipated launch of Android L is still later into the end of the year. By that time, the Nexus 6 device might or might not be ready. That’s still a ways off, so we might be getting more information soon.

VIA: TK Tech News



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