Verizon Wireless has announced (and released) the latest update for their messaging app. The app is called Verizon Messages and is now sitting at version 4.0. Those looking for the app will be able to grab it from the Google Play Store and while it will run nicely on your smartphone, this update has added some functionality that will have you wanting to install on your tablet as well.

In short, Verizon Messages 4.0 has added the ability to send and receive messages on multiple devices. This includes text and multimedia messages and will allow you to send and/or receive from your smartphone, tablet or the web. The messages are all sent and attached to your Verizon Wireless number and Verizon will store up to 90 days of messages between devices and the web.

This update also added the ability to create auto-reply messages. Some of the other features of the Verizon Messages app include being able to create custom notifications and using the Content Finder to retrieve images or other details from your stored messages. Verizon Messages also has the option to save and store your messages on an SD card. Otherwise, there is also the option to get pop-up notifications, use custom signatures and customize the messaging experience with the ability to pick a background and the bubble colors.

This app does require you to set it up with your Verizon telephone number, but otherwise, it will run on devices with Android 2.2 or later. One thing to keep in mind though, using this app will still count towards your messaging limit/rates. In other words, these are still counted as regular text or multimedia messages so make sure you have an appropriate plan with Verizon before going crazy

[via Google Play Store]