If the Galaxy Nexus LTE on Verizon Wireless seems a little bland to you, and if for some reason you just hate having lots of storage space, you may soon find the perfect phone. Droid Life reports that Verizon will be getting a localized version of the Galaxy Nexus, just like the UK has already. Hold your wallets, Android faithful: their (anonymous) sources claim that this version will be reduced to half storage for a total of 16GB, and that’s no small matter when the phone is already without a MicroSD card slot. This jives with earlier rumors that the 32GB version has been scrapped all together, for both HSPA+ and LTE varieties.

On the plus side, a reduced storage option may indicate a lowered price as well. When Verizon stripped the 16GB card out of the DROID RAZR (which is also available in white) it dropped the price by a cool $100, giving the flagship phone a lower barrier to entry and sending bargain hunters to Google in droves to check the price of a 16GB card. The carrier still offers the 32GB version (16+16) for a full $299 on contract, so it might be using the addition of a white Galaxy Nexus to offer the same phone at a lower price point. This would leave the DROID RAZR MAXX and the HTC Rezound as the last of Verizon’s LTE headliner devices with only a $299 option.

The source claims that the basic metallic gray will also come in at $199 with a reduced 16GB capacity, for those who… just really like gray plastic, I guess. What’s the likelihood of this all being true? Given Verizon’s actions over the last few weeks, we’d say it’s as least as likely as not – keep in mind that the DROID RAZR has been on the market for a month longer than the Galaxy Nexus, so if Verizon’s pursuing a staggered price drop strategy, the timing would make sense. Since Verizon remains the only US carrier to offer the Ice Cream Sandwich developer phone at present, we’d be happy to see it within the grasp of more budget-conscious buyers.

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