T-Mobile may consider themselves groundbreaking, but their moves are easily duplicated elsewhere. Verizon proved that by matching T-Mobile’s offer of 1GB extra data for any More Everything Plan that adds a tablet. That puts quite a bit of T-Mobile’s announcement to shame, but still doesn’t answer the other problem we have with connected tablets.

Verizon has a broader network, and can handle added bandwidth a lot easier than T-Mobile. They have added coverage and (usually) better signal strength, too. If you’re comparing the two carriers on equal ground, Verizon is a better decision for coverage and added plan data.

T-Mobile also removed the added price we end up paying for a tablet with connectivity, though. By eliminating the additional price to have a cellular antennae, T-Mobile has taken care of a frustration we all have when considering tablets via a carrier. Is an extra $100 or more worth it when you can just tether a WiFi tablet? You won’t have to worry about that with T-Mobile.

T-Mobile definitely has the better offer up-front, considering the reduced cost of the device. When you consider coverage, though — Verizon is hard to beat in just about any market. It’s rare that T-Mobile can offer better coverage, so you’re faced with a decision if a tablet is important to you. Better coverage, or better price? You tell us which you prefer in the comments section below.

Source: Verizon