Verizon has got new deals for you. If you’re looking for a new mobile phone, you may want to check out what Verizon has to offer. The carrier is listing three new smartphones with prepaid plans that deliver more data for everyone. Prepaid is ideal for those who do not want their credit to be checked or can’t commit to a contract for a couple of years.

Three monthly prepaid plans are being offered by Verizon with different data sizes: 3GB, 7GB, and 10GB. The smallest 3GB plan costs $40 while the 7GB data plan is priced at $50. The biggest 10GB is $60 which appears to offer more value for money. If you want more, there’s also the $80 unlimited data prepaid plan.

The prepaid plans include SMS, calls, and Mobile Hotspot. Also included is the Carryover Data plan. This way, unused data can be used the following month so you can make use of all you’ve paid for. When your Always On hi-speed data allowance is used up, you can connect to 2G speed instead.

If you’re looking for a new phone, you can avail of the Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S8, or iPhone 7 from another retailer and use it on Verizon prepaid. The network supports more models so it’s up to you what phone you want to use with your new prepaid data plan. You can also get $100 credit when you activate your new prepaid plan from Verizon. Offer is only for a limited time so we suggest you go to your nearest Verizon Wireless store now.

SOURCE: Verizon


  1. Good article, but you probably want to add the fact that all plans now throttle all video streams to 480p. I can’t find any info about the implementation like what will happen when no 480p stream is available. But the consensus on T-Mobile’s version of 480p throttling, is that you’ll get throttled speeds trying to access the available HD stream.


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