Some of the NYC subway stations already have WiFi and/or cellular service available, however as of today that list will expand to include 3G and 4G LTE from Verizon Wireless. The carrier, along with Transit Wireless has announced that service will be coming “over the next several weeks.” Those venturing into the subway with a Verizon device will be able to find coverage in any of the 36 stations that are already online.

The coverage will include mid-town Manhattan and Chelsea will be coming later this year. While this looks like Big Red and Transit Wireless are both off to a good start together, this is not where they Verizon coverage is going to stop. In addition to the current 36 stations, there are 40 more in the works.

Transit Wireless has said that Verizon Wireless will be participating in phase 2 of the project and that is expected to be completed in the early part of 2014. The phase 2 coverage will include Grand Central Station, 34th St. Herald Square and Bryant Park in mid-town Manhattan and stations throughout the Borough of Queens.

Otherwise, looking at the subway coverage as a whole and it seems all four major US carriers are now on-board with Transit Wireless.

“We have now secured partnerships with all four major wireless carriers to bring the vast majority of New Yorkers, visitors, government agency personnel, transit employees, contractors and first responders the ability to be connected in the stations we’ve constructed – a real milestone.”

Basically, it seems now that the partner relationships are all in place — Transit Wireless just needs to concentrate on the continued rollout. That all being said, those who happen to be in New York can check the mobile-friendly Transit Wireless website to see a list of which stations have wireless service available.

SOURCE: Business Wire


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