The talk of a Verizon branded HTC One continues. While that by itself does not sound all that exciting, this latest mention does provide some further evidence of an upcoming release with Big Red. Of course, we still need an announcement from Verizon Wireless and HTC before we can call this official. With that in mind, a device that is believed to be the Verizon HTC One has surfaced in a Bluetooth SIG filing.

The Bluetooth SIG filing is showing a device that is listed as the HTC6500LVW. For those who may not recognize that number, we have seen that mentioned in the past as the HTC M7. Many will make the connection here, but the HTC M7 is the device that was eventually announced as the HTC One. Basically, this by itself suggests an announcement may be getting closer to reality.


The nice part about this latest Verizon HTC One mention are the additional details. Aside from the Bluetooth SIG filing, the folks at phoneArena are reporting the HTC6500LVW has been added to the Verizon Wireless inventory system. The actual addition is listed with a description of HTC M7 and HTC6500LVW-DU with the DU standing for demo unit. According to the details of this report, that particular handset was added on May 22nd after the Verizon CTIA announcement.

Those looking back will remember that many were expecting to Verizon to announce the HTC One that day. Of course, what we saw was Viva Movil. The catch with Bluetooth SIG filings and having device model numbers added to an inventory system — that does not necessarily suggest an announcement is coming soon. That bit remains open for discussion, however the last report we saw had the handset being tipped for a late-June arrival.

All said and done, the HTC One should be on the way to Verizon Wireless. Basically, if you have an upgrade available, now seems like a time that you may want to hold tight, at least just for a little while. In the meantime, those considering a purchase may benefit from our previous HTC One coverage which included the original review as well as one for the AT&T model.

Thanks for the tip, Vlad!

VIA: G for Games, phoneArena

SOURCE: Bluetooth SIG


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