In case you missed the crazy announcements earlier this morning, Verizon and Motorola revealed three brand new DROID smartphones to grace the big red network. Full of Android 4.2, gesture and voice controls, and 4G LTE the new DROID Mini, ULTRA, and DROID MAXX are available come August 20th. One important “deal” they briefly mentioned we wanted to highlight was the free Google Music All Access subscription.

Today while up on stage Verizon announced their new devices, as well as a slew of features and camera gestures that will accompany their new smartphones. While the specs are somewhat underwhelming in a world of 1080p quad-core devices, the phone are positioned to do well.

Verizon announced that every user buying a new DROID smartphone will get a few perks as well. Those being the somewhat popular (and battery killing) game Ingress by Google will come pre-installed. It’s still in beta, but all DROID owners will get access to the location-based game. That isn’t all either, the biggest news was regarding music.


While Samsung and others are trying to offer their own music options, Motorola and Verizon are just going to use Google Play Music to their advantage. The unlimited streaming of All Access that blends Spotify and Pandora into one is the best music option available for Android (in my opinion) and every new DROID Mini, ULTRA, or MAXX owner will get 6 months absolutely free.

That’s $9.99 a month usually, but if you buy a new DROID you’ll get it free, then you can choose to stay aboard or cancel after it ends. That’s a pretty compelling option right there. Then use Verizon Edge and upgrade to the Galaxy S5 next year. Yes please!