Verizon is once again making sure that subscribers remain on its side by luring them with better and more attractive products and services. Later this week on January 25th, Verizon is adding another important benefit to the Go Unlimited data plan. Usage in Canada and Mexico are now part of the Go Unlimited data plan so those people who are always on-the-go and travelling back and forth between the United States and Mexico or Canada will enjoy unlimited calls, text, and data.

The Go Unlimited data plan can be likened now to the carriers Beyond Unlimited plan which is also considered as upper-tier. With the updated Go Unlimited plan, you won’t be overcharged for usage in Canada or Mexico. The plan for data, text, and talk you use while in the US will be the same in those countries–no need for roaming, top-up, or add-on. There’s just a minor caveat: the 4G LTE speed has a 500MB cap per day. Beyond that, data will only work at 2G speed.

The Go Unlimited data starts at $40 per line. You can get up to four lines for $140, exclusive of fees and taxes. The plan offers unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text, DVD-quality streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot at 600kbps, and Verizon Up rewards.

VIA: DroidLife