Verizon Wireless has confirmed today that the carrier will finally be offering a 32GB version of the popular flagship Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone. After initially launching on all US carriers with only 16GB of storage, Verizon included, we’ll finally be able to get a model with more storage starting tomorrow for $299.

After countless complaints and issues regarding the internal storage limits, this should be good news for many. While the Galaxy S 4 is one of a few devices these days with a micro-SD slot, the idea of paying more for added storage may seem odd. However, internal storage is usually a bit faster, not to mention not having to deal with micro-SD cards and swapping storage.

Verizon has confirmed the 32GB Galaxy S 4 will be available online starting tomorrow, June 29th, and will run users $299 compared to $199 for the 16GB model. However, the devices won’t actually start shipping until July 3rd. We’re not sure why the month delay from Samsung for the 32GB model, but at least it’s finally an option.

The Galaxy S 4 has a lot of advanced features for gesture controls, eye-scroll, quick pause features and more, not to mention a custom user interface over Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. The 16GB model comes with only 8GB remaining out of the box, and this was a big complaint for many. So it’s nice to see another option will be available to buyers. This also means a 32GB GS4 paired with a 64GB micro-SD will get you plenty of storage.

Who’s buying. I just want Verizon to announce their HTC One already. Can that be next please?

SOURCE: Verizon