Another Samsung device will soon have support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The handset is the Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini, which coincidentally, launched with Big Red just a few weeks earlier. The update has been detailed and should begin rolling out shortly. Users can expect it to arrive over-the-air and with a handful of other improvements beyond the Galaxy Gear support.

To begin with, once the update is in place your software version will be as follows; JDQ39.I435VRUAMK5. That aside, this update will be adding the MyInfoZone widget as well as the VMware and Verizon Cloud apps. Users will also notice the Voicemail notification now has an Urgent Priority notification and that ‘Drive Mode’ is now listed as “Hands-Free Mode’ in the icon glossary.

Otherwise, the following five improvements were also included;

  • Exchange email server connectivity has been improved.
  • Verizon 4G LTE connectivity has been improved.
  • Isis Mobile Wallet connectivity has been improved.
  • Google Voice prompt timing has been improved.
  • Incoming call displays Picture Me on the screen when using Call Waiting.

Touching back on the Galaxy Gear support. While this means users will be able to pair the smartwatch with the Galaxy S4 Mini, there are some key features involved with the smartwatch. This includes what is referred to as Smart Relay. Basically, this means alerts from your phone will appear on your wrist. The Galaxy Gear also has an auto-lock function which means that when paired, you will not have to enter your PIN to unlock.

The watch also brings support for Find My Phone and hands-free calling and serves as a pedometer that works with S Health. That said, those carrying a Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini may want to keep an eye out for an update notification.